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Article I                       Organization.............................................................. Page 1

Article II                     Membership............................................................... Page 2

Article III                    Administration........................................................... Page 3

Article IV                    Meetings.................................................................... Page 4

Article V                     Finances..................................................................... Page 5

Article VI                    Constitution and/or Bylaw Amendments.................. Page 5



Article I                       Regulated Sports....................................................... Page 6

Article II                     Spectator Control and Sportsmanship....................... Page 6

Article III                    Player Conduct.......................................................... Page 6

Article IV                    Player Eligibility........................................................ Page 7

Article V                     Tournaments.............................................................. Page 9

Article VI                    Games........................................................................ Page 10

Article VII                  Playing Rules............................................................. Page 11

Article VIII                 Protests...................................................................... Page 11

Article IX                    Reporting Contest Rules............................................ Page 12

Article X                     Imposition of Penalties.............................................. Page 13

Article XI                    Awards...................................................................... Page 13

Article XII                  Fees............................................................................ Page 14

Article XIII                 Schedule Requirements............................................. Page 14

Article XIV                 Miscellaneous……………………………………….Page 15


It is the clear obligation of principals, coaches, faculty members, and all official representatives of member schools to practice the highest principles of sportsmanship with fans, officials, players, coaches, official representatives of member schools, and the general public.  It is the desire of the Kentucky Christian Athletic Association that this Constitution and By-laws be considered as guidelines to guide us in achieving this task.



Article I



Section 1:  Name


This organization is an association of Christian schools and shall be known as the Kentucky Christian Athletic Association (KCAA).  It is for Christian schools within the boundaries of Kentucky, unless schools were members in good standing before 1997.


Section 2:  Purpose and Goals


The KCAA exists to assist member schools in providing a program of Christian athletics in coordination with a Christian education.  We will seek to have a program that is first and foremost, glorifying to God.  Therefore, we believe in fairness and organization within the competition. Each member school shall stress excellence in Bible standards, sportsmanship, and testimony.


In order to accomplish these goals the KCAA will provide the following:


A.                  Competition in Varsity and Junior Varsity sports.


B.                  Competition on a state level.


C.                  A state tournament in Varsity and Junior Varsity sports.


D.                  Uniform playing rules and standards of eligibility, conduct and competition.


E.                   Safeguards for the health and well-being of players.


F.                   Guidelines and penalty for misconduct and noncompliance with established standards.


G.                  A building of Christian character into our athletic program and athletes.


H.                  Regularly scheduled league meetings each year.

Article II



Section 1:  Participation


            A.        Membership:  Participation in the KCAA is open to all Christian schools that are approved by member schools in the KCAA.


B.        Admittance of New Schools:  Schools wishing to join the KCAA must have two-thirds (2/3) acceptance (closed session) of member schools.  Upon entering the league, new member schools, will have a probationary period for that school year.  However, new schools may participate in regional and state tournaments if schools are in compliance with the KCAA Constitution and Bylaws.  To be eligible for state tournaments for fall sports, new schools must have been admitted during the KCAA spring meeting.  A new school admitted during the late summer meeting will only be eligible for state tournaments in winter and spring sports.


            C.        Schools approved for membership shall be given one vote in league decisions.


Section 2:  Good Standing

A.        Fees:  For any school to be a member in good standing, it must pay all athletic fees established therein which each school must pay before each specific season begins.


B.        Grievances:  All grievances occurring within the current school year must be addressed and resolved by the elected officers and presented to the KCAA members for approval, otherwise expulsion or suspension may be necessary for a length of time.


Section 3:  Sanctions


A.        A member school may be suspended or placed on probation for any violation of the Constitution, By-Laws, and Policies & Procedures (hereinafter referred to as “regulations”).  This can occur only by a two-thirds majority vote of the members present at a KCAA meeting, email, or conference call.  A school cannot be disciplined in this manner without receiving a written notice at least ten days prior to league action.


B.        Lesser penalties specified by this Constitution shall be imposed and/or confirmed by a two-thirds majority vote by the members present at a KCAA meeting, email, or conference call. President may designate discipline already written in the regulations.







Article III



Section 1:  Officers


A.        The officers of the Association shall consist of President, Vice President and Regional Directors and shall serve on designated committees and must remain in good standing.


All officers will be elected in the spring meeting.


No one may hold more than one office at a time.

All officers will be required to attend the Spring/Late Summer/Officer’s meetings.  If consecutive meetings are missed, the officer is subject to removal.


B.        President:  Shall be elected by member schools every two years (no term limits).  He/She shall preside over all meetings, oversee all league activities, and enforce the constitution, by-laws and policies when necessary.  President shall appoint a Secretary and/or Treasurer to be approved by the member schools. 


C.        Vice-President:  Shall be elected by member schools every two years (no term limits) and will assist the President and preside in his/her absence.


D.        Regional Directors:  Shall be elected by member schools annually in the spring meeting.  He/She will be responsible for regional tournaments, overseeing all regional activities, focusing on the league by attending various meetings, and is responsible to the President.  Regional Directors are responsible for the growth and well-being of the league. They are to act as ambassadors for the league to actively recruit Christian schools in Kentucky. They will meet as necessary to discuss situations that arise and try to determine amicable resolutions.  They will try to meet before the spring and late summer meetings to help expedite the business of those meetings.  They will work out the details for the Policies and Procedures to be presented to the league each year.


E.         Secretary:  Shall be appointed by the President and approved by member schools to take care of minutes of all meetings, newsletters, and promotion.  The secretary will be responsible for all team rosters and birth certificates.


F.         Treasurer:  Shall be appointed by the President and approved by member schools to take care of financial matters and disbursement of funds as deemed necessary by the league.  The treasurer is responsible for the collection of all fees on a timely basis.


Section 2: Officer Nominations and Elections


A. Nomination Process – An incumbent is automatically placed on the ballot unless he/she does not wish to serve for another term. Self nominations or nomination of another person (with his/her consent) must be sent to the KCAA President.  The President is to give at least a 10 day notice for nominations.


B.   A secret ballot is to be presented to each member school for voting at the     spring meeting or when a vacancy is to be filled.


Section 3:  Committees


Committees shall be comprised of officers or appointed by the board of officers to insure a representation of fairness and appropriate action within the league.  All regions must have representation on all committees.


Section 4:  Regions


Number of schools and geographic location will be a large consideration in appointment to regions.  Regions will be revised as needed based on recommendations by officers.


Section 5:  Vacancies


            A.        Officers:  League shall elect new officers when needed.


1.      The Vice-President will assume the position of President if the office is vacated until the next scheduled meeting.  A Late Summer/Spring or special meeting will be called to elect a new President.



                                           2. All other offices shall be elected as needed. 


            B.        Schools:  Any school leaving the KCAA must be voted back into the league and pay all membership dues just as a new school.


Section 6: Minor Sport Coordinator


A.    All KCAA Minor Sports (i.e. XC, Golf, Cheer, and any unsanctioned developing sports) shall have a lead coordinator nominated by the President and approved by the elected officers. This coordinator will be responsible for the organization of the sport and responsible for overseeing it abides by all KHSAA playing rules and KCAA exceptions provided in the P&P, unless otherwise instructed. An official representative of a member school may nominate a potential sport coordinator to the President for consideration.

B.     All selected sport coordinators should include all league officers in email correspondence with other KCAA school Athletic Directors or coaches. Coordinators shall present a written yearly report to the officers containing any plans, projections, and recommendations at the end of their sports season.


Article IV



Section 1:  Time and Place


            A.        The President shall call regular meetings at the time and place agreed upon by the league to consist of at least a spring and Late Summer meeting annually.  Special meetings to include all member schools may be called by the President or by the majority of the officers when necessary.


            B.        Each school must have a representative at each meeting.  Failure to do so jeopardizes good standing unless notification is received by any league officer prior to the meeting. Only a school’s listed Athletic Director or designated A.D. substitution may engage or participate in discussion and cast votes. In the case of an A.D’s absence, a substitute representative must be determined and declared prior to the meeting coming to order.



Article V



Section 1:  Use of Funds


Funds will be dispersed by the Treasurer at the request of the President and as the league deems necessary.  League shall vote on necessary matters that pertain to spending of funds.


Outside the proposed budget, the President must have board approval of expenses.  This allowance will be set each year in the Policies and Procedures.


Section 2:  Recording of Funds


Treasurer shall keep accurate records of financial actions and should inform league officers as to its financial status throughout the year.  The Treasurer shall be responsible for an annual report and proposed budget in the late summer meeting.



Article VI

Constitution and/or Bylaw Amendments


A.        An amendment shall be passed by a two-thirds vote of member schools present.


B.        An amendment may be voted on in the regularly scheduled meetings with at least ten (10) days advance notice.


            1.         A proposed amendment must be initiated by a voting

                        member of a school.


            C.        An amendment will go into effect at a determined date.


D.        After an amendment has been presented or voted on, the issue cannot be revisited for two years effective from the date of the meeting it was initiated.








Article I

Regulated Sports


Section 1:  Sports Offered


Varsity and Junior Varsity sports shall be offered and controlled by the KCAA.  The league shall have the authority to add or eliminate a sport by a majority vote.


Article II

Spectator Control and Sportsmanship


Section 1:  Responsibilities


            A.        The home school in any contest shall be responsible for hosting visitors, including officials.  Each school shall be held responsible for the conduct of its athletes, players, managers, cheerleaders, students (hereinafter, called team members), coaches, officials and other school representatives at home and away games.  Any infraction of this rule may subject an offending school or its representative to discipline by the League.


            B.        When the conduct (including language) of the spectators, team member officials, or any other person is not representative of the KCAA, the host school Administrator or Athletic Director shall have authority to stop the contest and warn the offender(s).  Upon repetition of the offense, the Administrator or Athletic Director may resolve the situation according to his/her best judgment.  Control of the KCAA is important, but officials must have and indeed do have authority over the contest at all times.  For regional and all state competitions, the elected officials have the authority to correct misconduct.


            C.    It is requested that spectator problems should be reported to the League.



Article III

Team Player/Coaches Conduct


            A.        Team Player


                     1.            At a KCAA event, unacceptable conduct such as the use of, possession of, buying or selling of drugs or tobacco products, and alcoholic beverages along with acts of immorality and the like, shall result in the immediate suspension of a student from KCAA sponsored events.  THIS IS A ZERO TOLERANCE ISSUE!!!  Reinstatement may be made at the discretion of the elected officials.


                     2.            Vulgar and offensive language will not be tolerated.  Habitual offenders will be suspended as mentioned above.


                     3.            Any offenses should be reported to a coach or athletic director and then the regional director.


                     4.            Dress Code:


                                    a.         Cheerleader shirts must cover the belly, and skirt lengths must   

                                    be no shorter than 4 inches above the knee. Also, a minimum of a 5-inch inseam compression short must be worn under the skirt, and the color of the short must be a team color.

                                    b.         Volleyball shorts must have a minimum of a 5-inch inseam and cover the thigh. Spandex shorts may not be worn as an outer garment.         


            B.      Team Player and Coaches


                        1.         Any conduct determined inappropriate, not in the spirit of fair

                        competition, and not in accordance with KCAA standards is subject to review by the elected officials who will make a fair determination of the offense in question.


                        2.         Any team member or coach, who has been ruled out of a KCAA

                        contest by an official because of unsportsmanlike behavior, shall be disqualified from athletic competition for a minimum of the next sanctioned KCAA game.  When a player or a coach is disqualified, the name of the player or coach shall be reported by the Administrator or Athletic Director of the school to the Regional Director of the offending coach or player.  The Regional Director will contact the President of the KCAA and the school of the offending coach or player.  If the President finds upon investigation that the offense was sufficiently serious, the offender shall be permanently disqualified until reinstated by the League.


                        3.         During the disqualification period of any non-player (coach,

                        assistant, etc.), the offender may not be at the game site for the team’s contest.  Suspended players may attend the contest(s), but may not be in uniform.  For purposes of definition, to “not be at the game site” is defined as not being on school property or game site property during the entire contest.


Article IV

Player Eligibility


Section 1:  School Attendance


A player must be a full time student (at least four (4) instructional hours per day) of the school he/she is representing.  The Headmaster/Principal of each school is responsible for confirming each student athlete’s scholastic schedule.  The exception to this rule is for seniors, depending on credits needed.


Section 2:  Age


There shall be an age and semester limit for both levels of play, Junior Varsity and Varsity.  They are as follows:


A.                Junior Varsity:  Any athlete, upon entering his/her freshman year, shall only have 4 semesters of eligibility for J.V. play.  An athlete is ineligible for J.V. play if he/she turns 17 before August 1 of the school year. No players below 5th grade allowed.


B.                 Varsity:  Any athlete upon entering his/her freshman year shall only have 8 semesters of eligibility for Varsity play.  An athlete is ineligible for Varsity play if he/she turns 19 before August 1 of the school year.  No players below 6th grade (exception volleyball, cheerleading, and individual sports). No players below 5th grade allowed.


                        C.        A student is only eligible for the first 8 consecutive semesters after

                                     enrolling in the ninth grade, even if he/she does not participate in




Section 3:  Graduation


A player is declared ineligible if that player has received a high school diploma from any school institution.


Section 4:  Transfer Students


            A.        Member schools:  A transfer student, who has transferred from one member school to another member school, during the school year, must sit out six weeks (42 days) and is eligible on the 43rd day.  A letter of good standing and statement of enrollment date must be sent to the President of the league upon transfer.


            B.        Non-member schools:  A transfer student, who has transferred from a non-member school, is eligible to play for a member school on the 15th day after he/she is enrolled in the member school.  The member school is required to send a letter stating date of enrollment and previous school enrolled in.


            C.        Post-Season Play: To compete in post-season play, the transfer student is required to compete in at least one-fourth (1/4) of the regular season games or at least be dressed and on the bench.


Section 5:  Foreign Exchange/Foreign Students


            A.        Each member school may have no more than two (2) foreign exchange/foreign students per roster. The KCAA defines a foreign exchange/foreign student as a non-US citizen residing with a non-blood relative.


            B.        A foreign exchange/foreign student may play for only two (2) years.


C.           KCAA only allows students from organizations sanctioned by the US Department of State, which can be found under the KHSAA Bylaw 7.




Section 6:  Rosters/Enrollment


A.        A letter of attendance/roster must be received by the League Secretary stating that all students participating in the KCAA league games are enrolled in the school he/she is participating with.  A copy of the athlete’s birth certificate must accompany this letter if not already on file. 


            B.        Rosters must be received by the League Secretary before the first game of the season.


            C.        Additions to a roster must be made no later than two (2)* games prior to post-season play for fall and spring sports.  Additions to a roster must be made no later than four (4)* games prior to post-season play for Winter sports.  These players must be dressed and on the bench.


            D.        Additions to a roster must satisfy the conditions listed in C. above to be eligible for post-season play.


Section 7:  Grades


The league recommends that a player maintain a GPA of 2.0 or a “C” average overall.


Article V



Section 1:  Sanctions


The KCAA will sanction tournaments in all regulated sports.  Type or format of tournament will be decided upon by the elected officers and voted on by the members (majority vote). 


Section 2:  Withdrawal


Teams entered in a KCAA tournament shall not withdraw from a tournament unless done so within 24 hours of their last KCAA regular season game. Failure to do so will carry a $100.00 penalty plus any other fines deemed necessary by officers to cover the host school's expenses.


Section 3:  State Tournaments


            A.        Tournament sites must be approved by elected officers. The use of only neutral sites and locations will be used for varsity tournaments.


            B.        Location of state tournaments will be finalized by member schools at the late summer meeting.


            C.        The League will receive fifty percent of the gate after expenses for state tournaments.


            D.        The Host School is financially responsible for all expenses.


            E.         ALL tournaments will require an entry fee to be determined.


Section 4:  Regional Seeding


Teams shall be seeded for regional play by their overall region record.  All region teams shall have the same number of games played.


Section 5:  Ties


In case of ties for seeding tournaments, the following procedures shall be instituted.


            A.        Head to head competition during the regular season.


            B.        Head to head competition against the highest seed to continue to the last place seed.


            C.        The team with overall record counting the most quality wins against teams above 500.


            D.        The team who traveled to play the most KCAA non-region games.


            E.         Flip of coin by Regional Director or due to any conflict of interest, the league president should flip the coin rather than the involved Regional Director/AD.


Article VI



Section 1:  Referees


All referees must be registered officials in the state of Kentucky/Indiana/Ohio/Tennessee (must follow KHSAA rules) and should be used exclusively in all J.V. and Varsity games.  Referees are the responsibility of the host school.  Relatives of participants, school/staff/sponsoring church or former graduates shall not officiate for that school.  Basketball officials may not call more than three (3) games per night and may not call more than three (3) consecutive home games. 


A.                             Soccer teams may use a combination of USSF and NFHS referees and put an age restriction of 18 on all referees who are USSF certified. This would be the preferred method with the only issue being that there are some rules that differ between the two. These rules differences could be managed by requiring that all CENTER referees be NFHS (KHSAA) referees. There are virtually no rules differences to a sideline referee.


Section 2:  Time


            A.        Schools should be on time (20-30 minutes), taking into consideration proper warm up.


            B.        Teams arriving less than ten (10) minutes before game time, will automatically be assessed a penalty to the coach/team as listed below:


1.         Yellow card for soccer or volleyball.

2.         Technical foul for basketball.

3.         An out for baseball/softball.



Section 3:  Facility


All games will be played on junior high or senior high regulation facilities unless otherwise authorized by the KCAA.  No advertisement or selling of alcoholic beverages will be allowed by the KCAA host school.


Article VII

Playing Rules


Section 1:  Equipment


All equipment being used for athletic contests should follow the National Federation of High School (NFHS) and the Kentucky High School Athletic Association (KHSAA) guidelines.


Section 2:  Regulations


KHSAA rules shall apply except for those listed in the KCAA Constitution, By-Laws, or Policies and Procedures.


Article VIII



Section 1:  Violation of KCAA Rules


            A.        Any protest against a member school for violation of KCAA rules shall be made in writing to the KCAA office within 72 hours after said offense and information including the known facts, sources of information, any witnesses, and the time such information became known, should be included in the notice.  Such protest must originate with either the Administrator or Athletic Director of a member school.  Failure to render the report will not relieve the offending school of its responsibility and such negligence may jeopardize the standing of any official and/or any school for withholding evidence.


            B.        Games may be protested before, during, or after if a KCAA/KHSAA/NFHS rules violation occurs.  The protest should be reported to the opposing Coach/Athletic Director/League Officer at that time.


            C.        An investigation shall be conducted by the elected officials after all information has been obtained and a ruling will be determined, whereupon all parties will be notified.  The final decision will lie with the KCAA on any and all protests.


Section 2:  Disagreements


Any coach or administrator who has a disagreement with another coach or administrator should voice that concern within 72 hours directly to the Athletic Director or Administrator of that school in an effort to resolve the disagreement.  If the disagreement cannot be resolved in this manner, then and only then shall you contact the League President.  A phone call and a written report should be given to the President.  If the situation warrants further action then it shall be brought before the KCAA members.


NOTE:  If these guidelines have not been followed, then the report will not be considered.


Section 3:  Decision of Contest Officials


            A.        It is the responsibility of authorized school personnel to employ licensed officials and to place within their hands the operation of contests according to the KCAA standards.


            B.        Protests arising from the decisions and interpretations of the rules by official concerning a game will not be honored.  Their decisions and interpretations are final.


C.                 Official timers, scorekeepers, and other personnel required should be adults (out of high school). 


1.         Exceptions only by mutual agreement of competing schools.

2.         Exception to allow varsity volleyball players to line judge during JV regular season games (not tournaments).


Article IX

Reporting Contest Results


The home team will be responsible to report the results of a scheduled league game.  Reports will include the final score, the date, and place of the contest.  A report must be sent to the KCAA website within five (5) days of the contest.  A $10 late fee paid to the league will be assessed and must be paid in order to be eligible for post-season play.


Article X

Imposition of Penalties


            A.        Fine:  A fine may be imposed upon a school unable to fulfill schedule agreements if notice is not given within 72 hours.  These fines will offset any financial responsibility incurred by the league or its members.


            B.        Warning:  A warning is a written notification that a violation has occurred, is a matter of record, and requires that such action must not be repeated.


            C.        Probation:  A school on probation is on a conditional Association membership.  An individual or school on probation may engage in regular scheduled events of the KCAA.  The individual or school may not participate in any post-season competition (regional or state tournaments) sponsored by the KCAA.  It is expected that steps have been taken to alleviate the problem that caused the individual or school to be on probation.  Any violations while on probation will result in suspension from the KCAA.


            D.        Suspension:  A school suspended from the KCAA may participate with other member schools if those schools agree to do so.  The school may reapply for membership after a one (1) year time period (365 days) has passed.  An individual will be eligible for play after the elected officials have addressed the violation.


Article XI



Section 1:  Mr. and Miss Awards


      Mr. or Miss Soccer, Mr. Basketball, Miss Basketball, Miss Volleyball, Mr. Baseball and Miss Softball awards will be presented to a varsity player.  Awards for other major sports will be determined by the elected officials.


            Requirements are as follows:


                        1.         Player must be a senior.


                        2.         Player must be nominated by qualified personnel (athletic

                                    director, administrator, coach).  Only one qualified

                                    candidate per school.


3.                  Information required for nominations:


a.                   Letter of recommendation from coach to include stats and team leadership.

b.                  Letter of recommendation from minister to include spiritual leadership and church activities.

c.                   Letter of recommendation from administrator to include GPA, SAT/ACT  scores, school activities and leadership.

d.                  Nomination form

e.         The nomination form must be received by the League secretary one (1) week before varsity state tournament games begins.  All three (3) letters are due by Friday night, the day before the interviews.


4.         All varsity candidates need to be available for an interview during the state tournament.


Section 2:  All State


            Requirements are as follows:


                        1.         Player must be nominated by qualified personnel (athletic

                                    director, administrator, coach).


2.                  The nomination form must be received by the League

Secretary one (1) week before varsity state tournament games begin.


3.         A ballot of nominated players will be sent out by the Secretary to each school prior to the state tournament. 


Section 3:  All Tournament


            A.        All-tournament players will be chosen for post-season tournaments.


B.        Players’ names must be given to the designated person by the completion of the championship game.


Section 4:  Trophies, Banners, Etc.


A.                Trophies will be awarded to all state team members, all-tournament team members, runner up team, and championship team at post-season tournaments.


B.                 A banner will be awarded to the championship and runner-up team for all sanctioned KCAA sports.


            C.        Awards will be presented to Mr. And Miss awards.


Article XII

Fees and Fines


Membership fees are as follows:


            Initial Membership fee....................................................................... $200.00


Fees must be paid to the league office before play may begin.


Fines not already listed in the By-Laws will be set in Policies and Procedures.


Article XIII

Schedule Requirements


Section 1:  Regional Competition


Teams are required to play each team within their region a minimum of two (2) times.  This applies to boys/girls basketball and volleyball.


Section 2:  Outside the Region


A.                Season Minimum Requirements:  For boys/girls basketball and volleyball, teams are required to play region teams two (2) times.  To be eligible for post-season play, JV basketball and volleyball teams must play a minimum of 8 KCAA games and varsity basketball and volleyball teams must play a minimum of 10 KCAA games.  Teams by mutual consent may count tournament games played during the season only if the tournament director or regional director is made aware of the situation ahead of schedule.  A percentage (%) will be set in the Policies and Procedures for other sports (soccer, baseball, and softball).


B.        Season Maximum:  No more than three (3) games against the same opponent will be counted.


C.        Tournament Eligibility:  Any team unable to fulfill these requirements will be ineligible for post-season tournaments.  Games postponed due to unforeseeable conditions should be rescheduled if possible.  However, if these games cannot be rescheduled this will not necessarily prevent a team from playing in the post season.


            D.        Cancellations:  A team canceling play, unless due to acts of God, will take a forfeit unless they can reschedule.  If a game(s) is cancelled with less than two weeks before play, a $50 fine will be assessed and paid to the host school.       If a game is canceled in less than 48 hours, a $150 fine will be assessed.



Article XIV



Section 1:  Tattoos


Tattoos are to be covered and out of sight during pre-game warm-ups and during the game.  They are to be covered in the event of a post-game ceremony.


Section 2:  Music


Only Christian or instrumental music is to be played when hosting a member school.  The exception to this is a selection of "jock jams" to introduce the starting line-ups.